Welcome To Acute Attire

We are a small clothing, and accessory online store. We are located in Webster, Massachusetts. The company is run by two people, me, Devin Doppler, and my fiance, Andrea Freniere. We don’t have a particular theme or style to our designs and our art. I just like to create art and if other people like it then they can where for the whole world to see.

We are currently working on getting things, well moving. I am soon planing on releasing

A design for a t-shirt

Logo T Design

a design along with out first accessory. I’m not going to tell you what the design is nor what the accessory is, but if you follow/like our Facebook you might already know about what is to come. Otherwise you’ll just have to wait.

Shoes by Andrea

Shoes by Andrea

The items that we currently do are, custom shirts and custom slip on shoes. Just till we have the money to start mass producing shirts. Once we can do that we might stop doing customs. So if you want any custom stuff you should act now and buy.

That is it. If you want to place an order for a custom item, you can contact us here. or on our Facebook page.

Have a good day.