Welcome to the Beginning.

So you may know My name is Devin, I’m 20 and I want to make a T-Shirt company. This is it. Acute Attire. I don’t know really what style or what direction to go in.

My art is very sporadic. I don’t stick to one style or genre. I like somethings with color and others with just dull colors.

Andrea is behind me 100% on this, but also she is running toward her own goal. She wants to be a Tattoo artist. I am 100% behind her. I hope she does very well, and I know she will.

Game Plan 1:

So on the game plan now is to start making one design that I like and is going to be my first to be on a shirt and first to be a symbol of the company. Yes, I know the “A” is a major symbol, and logo of the company, but I want to make a design that speaks for the company as well.

Also I want to find someone or at most 2 others besides myself with the same interests as me and goal to make this company a company. Then from there go.

Haha this doesn’t help me writing this while watching Man v.s Wild  haha, but oh well.

I’ll write more later.


About Drad

I am Devin (Drad), I am 21. I play video games and make videos of them on YouTube, I'm also a Graphic Designer, and Bass Player of a band named The Kingsleigh Affair.
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