Here We Go!

I got it! So now I figured out what the feel of the clothing is going to be, I want it to me “FUN”. You know fun. Much like the AcuteAttireTV youtube channel. It’s fun and random. I want to make designs that are really just fun.

Fun like this little one here. Bleeding EyesI like it and it’s not TOO detailed and not to plain. Just like me, I’m not to complex, but I’m just perfect the way I am. So the plan is now to find a place to set up “shop” I need a small place that’s close and a place I can start production. I thought of the same storage unit idea that my dad’s boss has. But then I realized that, that could be a little too much room for something small like this. So that’s that.

In other news I want to learn, or find out how I can make those wrist bands, posters, and even stickers. I don’t want to be just a clothing company like say Agape Attire, or DropDead. I want to be bigger I want to be like a culture more like So So Happy. I want to produce a lot more than just clothing. You just have to start somewhere.


About Drad

I am Devin (Drad), I am 21. I play video games and make videos of them on YouTube, I'm also a Graphic Designer, and Bass Player of a band named The Kingsleigh Affair.
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