Devin and Andrea are a very art driven couple. Either it be a painting on canvas, digital image, or music we love all art forms. We love to create all sorts of art. Devin had a vision. “What if we could create on a canvas that walk”. This idea of making T-shirts came into my head the year of 2009. Even though we have not released a shirt or design that isAndrea and Devin going to printed we are going to push forward until this becomes a believable reality.

Devin Doppler was born in Framingham, and raised in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. He is taking classes at Full Sail University Online for Graphic Design. He moved to Webster after high school to live with is girlfriend Andrea. Andrea was born in Florida, and raise in Webster, Massachusetts. The couple met on Myspace.com and are now engaged have plans to get married after a few years.