Lets Get Life

So today things have changed. Not so much that things are horrible, but different in dreams. Andrea wants to do tattooing for a career, and I’m not against it. I am actually all for it. I love that she wants to do that. She is a very good at it and very artistic. I love her and I am behind her 100%. Plus I get free tattoos, ha ha.

We are currently looking into getting out of the new england area. I am done with it I like it, but I’ve lived here my whole life. It gets old you know. We have talked about places to move and we talked about Florida and California. I like either or, but I’m liking Florida more. I chose these to places because they are too heavily popular areas for clothing companies, and I think it’s a great place for perhaps tattooing for a career. I think it be great.

My grandparents live in florida, and I just love it there. New England dies for 2 seasons, and in Florida everything is just so lively. I think it be a great place to start a new chapter of our lives. I like the idea. Acute Attire is most likely going to start up here at first, but then it’s going to move.

Moving I know could make or break a company, because I would have hopefully grabbed a “fan base” up here, but just know after the move I don’t plan to change anything. I love art and art is my life. I want to keep it close as possible and make it the best that it can be.

That’s my thoughts for now.

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Here We Go!

I got it! So now I figured out what the feel of the clothing is going to be, I want it to me “FUN”. You know fun. Much like the AcuteAttireTV youtube channel. It’s fun and random. I want to make designs that are really just fun.

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Welcome to the Beginning.

So you may know My name is Devin, I’m 20 and I want to make a T-Shirt company. This is it. Acute Attire. I don’t know really what style or what direction to go in.

My art is very sporadic. I don’t stick to one style or genre. I like somethings with color and others with just dull colors.

Andrea is behind me 100% on this, but also she is running toward her own goal. She wants to be a Tattoo artist. I am 100% behind her. I hope she does very well, and I know she will. Continue reading

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